Meet The Family!

Allow me to take a moment and introduce you to our family, our evangelistic ministry and our Acoustic Gospel group - Rusty Nail Crossing!

In 2013 God placed a desire within me to use the musical talents He had given my family to bless and encourage churches in the Midwest. It didn't take long and doors outside of the Midwest began to open as well! By 2015 our ministry had expanded so much so that we needed a better way to travel further and for longer periods of time. Right on time, God provided and we saw our schedule grow beyond our dreams!
Of course, God never plans small, and in the summer of 2015 He continued to work on Daniel's (Dad) heart and began moving him toward evangelism. After many hours of prayer, struggle and council, Daniel surrendered his call to preach in February of 2016!

Over the last two years God has continued to bless greatly! As a family we have gotten to experience God's power in mighty ways. We have watched souls walk the aisle seeking salvation. We have watched teens and children get right with parents. We have watched husbands get right with wives. We have seen small churches grow and expand their outreach into their communities. Not because of what we have done, but because of what He can do with a simple, willing vessel! We now travel the country preaching in revivals, jubilees, tent meetings, missions conferences and all manner of special services. Of course, we also provide a lot of music too! Our family consists of six members (Mom, Dad, and 4 “kids”) and between us we provide the full array of acoustic, bluegrass instrumentation - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Bass and Dobro. 

Please take a few minutes to look at our family ministry here, online. You will find video and audio samples of our ministry and music and other information about us and our travels.

Thank You!