Meet "The Band!"

Abby Abigail - 21 Abigail is the oldest of the four siblings and plays rhythm guitar and sings lead. When not playing bluegrass, she loves taking pictures and has quite the photography portfolio. If you happen to catch her at the right time, you may get to hear her play her "true love" - the piano. In addition, she also enjoys writing and blogging, and most anything else that a teenage, young lady likes these days.
Emma Emma - 17 Emma is the typical banjo player - the only time you can tell she's still alive is if you watch her fingers roll! On most occasions, if Emma can't be found, just listen for that banjo and you'll know right where she is. She doesn't have much to say, but if you're real lucky you may actually catch her singing lead on a few songs. As is the way with "bluegrassers", Emma has had the privilege to pick with and learn from some of the best banjo pickers around NW Indiana. It never ceases to amaze us just how willing everyone is to help make sure this music lives on.
Maggie Maggie - 14 Maggie is the "ham" of the group. If there's a spotlight near by, Maggie will be in it. Just over a year ago Maggie started out on the fiddle, and my what a year it has been! Thanks to the blessing of a great and dedicated teacher (Mr. Ed Cosner), Maggie took off like a rocket on that thing. Only five months after playing her first notes, she had the opportunity to participate in the Indiana State Fiddle contest. Imagine our surprise when she placed 3rd in her division! Maggie also sings lead on a few songs and works out the harmonies on several others.
Gabe Gabe - 12 Gabe is the youngest (and certainly the most ornery) of the band. He also plays rhythm guitar and is working on being a great flat picker and lead guitarist. When not playing with the family (and sometimes when he should be...) you'll most likely find him running through the woods or digging in the dirt somewhere. When he is contained on stage, Gabe sings right along with everybody else and fills in an excellent high harmony.
Linda Linda - The Mom! Linda, is the bass player for the band (as well as fashion coordinator, nutrition specialist, schedule manager, motivational coach and medical technician). Without her, the band would grind to a halt. She also handles most all of the harmony parts for the group. In addition to her band responsibilities, her many motherly duties and the "small" task of homeschooling these four kids, Linda can also be found filling in on bass for many other local bands whenever needed, as well as playing and singing in church every week.
Daniel Daniel - The Dad! Daniel, is the mandolin player, and as noted before, is mostly responsible for this bunch and their music. Most days, he wouldn't trade it for the world. On the other days he just turns up the music a little louder until "it passes". Rounding out the vocals, Daniel sings bass and baritone with the group. When not playing music, or thinking about playing music, he holds down a job "in the real world", but that's a story for another time.